With over 30 years of experience and over 200,000+ patient interactions, Dr. Byungyol “Bill” Chun has seen firsthand how the healthcare system fails women.

And now, the board certified OB-GYN is dedicating his life to fixing it.

About Bill

As a Korean-American immigrant, I come from humble beginnings and know the challenges that both minorities and women face. I was born at home to a teenage mother with no prior prenatal care and credit this beginning as a major part of my drive to become a doctor.

Despite financial challenges, I worked hard and took the opportunity to advance my studies at the United States Naval Academy and eventually medical school.

I am a graduate of the Ohio State University School of Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. I trained at Boston City Hospital and have worked at hospitals throughout the Greater Boston Area. I currently treat patients at my private practice just north of Boston—Women’s Healthcare of Woburn— and am one of the top surgeons in the greater Boston area specializing in Gynecologic Robotic-Assisted Surgery.

Call me “Bill.” I’ve never liked being called “Doctor.” I have always introduced myself by my first name to better connect with patients. I truly believe the most essential factor is connecting with my patients on a personal level and understanding each case deeply to help provide the most personalized care and support. My patients will tell you that I listen much more than I talk, and that is how the magic happens.

I am truly grateful to all my patients over the years who allow me to practice my art of medicine, regardless of what I’m being called. I want to help you too, so call me “Bill” and let’s start the conversation.