Ask Bill

$99.00 / month

There is no other life event as incredible as the birth of your child, and I am always honored to support my patients through their pregnancies. With “Ask Bill,” I offer a new type of support, focused primarily on education and open communication. Guided by experience gained over thousands of interactions with expectant parents, I am ready to help you achieve the positive pregnancy experience that you deserve.

“Ask Bill” is a pregnancy-focused support program that puts you in touch with an experienced OBGYN on your schedule. This isn’t prenatal care; we leave that part to you and your healthcare provider.  “Ask Bill” is a virtual component of your support team. It’s someone who is on your side, who hears your goals and concerns, and helps you find the solutions you need.

Your monthly Ask Bill membership includes:

1. Virtual prenatal support through the Telegram app (messaging available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST Monday-Friday)
2. A monthly one-on-one virtual check in with Bill
3. A weekly workshop on a variety of OB topics
4. Access to Bill’s library of recorded educational content
5. Virtual childbirth class
6. Virtual birth plan assistance
7. Healthcare Provider matchmaker
8. Doula matchmaker

Want to learn more about this service? Schedule your free consultation to see if Ask Bill is a match for your pregnancy.